Texas Wetland Plants – Nursery & Services for Habitat Enhancement

Improve the habitat in your lake or establish plants for restoration or mitigation.

Native aquatic plants can enhance the health of a lake, providing nursery cover for young fish, improving water quality, and stabilizes shorelines. A well-planned plant community also improves aesthetics, attracts wildlife, and can improve fishing success. In addition, many local, state, and federal agencies, as well as private developers, are integrating wetland plants into drainage and detention projects. Whether you want to improve the habitat in your lake or establish plants for restoration or mitigation, we can help.

Along with our fish, we have ponds dedicated for the culture of a variety of native aquatic plants. We are a licensed nursery and we offer both bare root and container plants for small and large projects. If you are a local, state, or federal agency that needs to meet historically underutilized or small business requirements, our status as a small, woman-owned business can help you to meet those requirements.

We maintain a number of plants that are ready to go. We generally maintain a good supply of plants, but for larger projects, we can custom-grow plants to meet your needs. If the plants you need are not on our list, we can usually culture the species you need.

Plants are available as bare root unless an advanced order is made for contract growing in planter pots.

Aquatic plant installation on the San Antonio River Walk

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Southwest Aquatic Services Plant List

Common Name
Scientific Name
Water Willow
Justicia Americana
Squarestem Spikerush
Eleocharis Quadrangulata
Soft-stem Bulrush
Scirpus Tabernaemontani
California Bulrush
Scirpus Californicus
Grassy Arrowhead
Sagittaria Graminea
Sagittaria Latifolia
Cephalanthus Occidentalis
Taxodium Distichum
White Water Lily
Nymphaea Odorata
Yellow Cow Lily
Nuphar Luteum
Pontederia Cordata
Black Needlerush
Juncus Roemerianus
Alligator Flag
Thalia Dealbata
Alligator Flag
Pickerel weed (Pontederia cordata)
Soft-stem bulrush (Scirpus tabernaemontani)
Soft-stem bulrush (Scirpus tabernaemontani)