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About Us and Our Aquatic Services

Southwest Aquatic Services is a family-owned and operated business, serving clients across most of Texas.

Holly Labay is the company president and owner and Andrew Labay, FP-C is the principal fisheries biologist. We have worked together for over 18 years, providing quality and affordable lake management services. Andrew Labay is a certified fisheries professional, accredited through the American Fisheries Society, and has experience in a range of disciplines, including fisheries management, water quality, and environmental consulting.

The primary goal of our company is to work with clients, providing the knowledge and tools to help them gain independence in their lake management endeavor. However, our assistance can be customized to meet client needs, whether it may be a one-time site visit or a long-term retainer arrangement where we can keep close tabs on the health and progress of our client’s lakes.

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We also maintain close network of natural resource management specialists in the event complex environmental dilemmas must be resolved. Whatever your lake management needs or issues might be, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide our services.

A simple test to see if your pond will clear up using gypsum
Delivering Gypsum with our own dump trailer.

Fisheries and Lake Management

Owner – Holly Labay

Andrew Labay, FP-C
Fisheries Biologist

  • Hub certified in the state of Texas

  • CCR registered as a woman-owned business

  • Certified Small Business through the Small Business Administration

TDA License No. 0487821

Andrew Labay, FP-C - Fisheries Biologist
Andrew Labay, FP-C - Fisheries Biologist
Holly Labay - Owner
Holly Labay - Owner